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HB Imperial Woodworks Custom Kitchen Cabinets Miami Fl


You can be assured of a very natural and unhurried experience when exploring the possibility of a bespoke kitchen project with HB Imperial Woodworks. Our approach starts with a very relaxed conversation and brings a degree of order and natural progression to what can otherwise seemingly be a bewildering set of choices.

Through a balance of practical considerations, tasteful furniture designs, we produce beautifully made kitchens with enduring quality materials and cabinetry construction.

With HB Imperial Woodworks custom kitchen cabinets you can enjoy the freedom to specify absolutely every element of your kitchen with complete freedom of choice. We are able to source and produce literally any element of your kitchen to a bespoke specification, for a very affordable price.

HB Imperial Woodworks Custom Kitchen Cabinets Quality Materials

While we have a very wide range of materials to choose from due to their popularity we can also source almost any materials you prefer to use. These include a variety of solid woods, veneers, marbles and granite surfaces, stainless steel and high gloss finish materials. Exploring the potential of combining such materials in a new way can often help to realize something unique and perfect for your particular kitchen space.

HB Imperial Woodworks Custom Kitchen Cabinet Workshop

We have always invested both in a team of skilled craftsmen, the best manufacturing techniques and technology which enables us to offer superior quality, greater choice and excellent value for our customers. Our handmade kitchens are made entirely on site and unlike many companies, we make our own doors, carcasses and worktops, bespoke curved doors and cabinets. With special machinery which ensures that every handmade kitchen carcass is perfectly square within fractions of a millimeter, this level of precision and attention to detail ensures our handmade kitchens always look great lining up beautifully and offer long-lasting durability.

Enjoy a distinctive measure of quality

You will find us very transparent regarding the way we produce our customer’s handmade kitchens, because every decision we make in our manufacture methods, is to benefit customers and produce a better quality or more practical product. We would recommend asking about what makes our carcasses different and you will learn we have at least 12 differences, which help protect your furniture or provide better storage and strength.


Our highly talented designers are really the best source of inspiration and advise you will find to help you navigate the choices and options available. Styles featured on our website and in our brochure are typically a starting point for inspiration with any client but inevitably result in a kitchen style of your own through the tailoring process, which makes your kitchen truly a bespoke creation.

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