Why not custom build your Kitchen Cabinets?

Let’s talk about cabinets for a moment, shall we? It’s easy to walk into a kitchen, and focus on the appliances—the oven, the dishwasher, and maybe a unique toaster oven hybrid that bakes pizza rolls as well as it browns toast in the morning. However, once your guests have already perused over these, what’s left? Perhaps, the bathroom. I mean, the shower curtain you brought back from Thailand is a conversation starter, and you finally got rid of your shag carpet toilet seat cover. Maybe your guests will notice how much effort you’ve put forth into making your house a home…?

Probably not. If the décor and ambiance are not rounded off by some well-crafted cabinets, the open, friendly atmosphere that you’ve worked so hard to cultivate won’t impress anyone. So, what’s the next step? Home Depot, you say? No. We explicitly mentioned that “well-crafted cabinets” were the solution to your home decorating needs, not mass-produced wooden boxes that you hang on your wall within which you store things like plates, cups, etc. We’re talking custom cabinets. These aren’t cabinets that you think may or may not fit into your home’s theme and feel. These are cabinets that are created for you by our skilled craftsmen over at HB Imperial Woodworks. The cabinets go from our hands to your home. Why make cabinets any other way?

We see things a little differently at HB Imperial Woodworks. Remember when Mom used to make every batch of cookies from scratch? Eggs, flour, yeast… what a wonderful sight and smell it was. Then, one day, she brought home a big sleeve of cookie dough from the refrigerated section of Sedano’s Marketplace. Now, you’ve never been much of a complainer, so you didn’t want to gripe about these store bought sweet-treats, but in your head, you couldn’t stop thinking about how the taste just couldn’t compare to when Mom took the time to make them homemade. Like, did she stop loving you, or…?

So, what’s the difference between the contrast in quality between homemade and store-bought desserts and the distinction between mass-produced wall furniture and custom-made cabinets? That’s a trick question—there is no difference. Just like mom used to, the professionals at HB Imperial Woodworks take the time and expend the necessary effort to produce quality cabinets for your kitchen and bathroom. If you’re going to consume the calories, make it homemade. If you’re going to spend the money, spend it on cabinets that you customized.

At HB Imperial Woodworks, we let our craftsmanship do the talking… unless you call us on the phone. Then, we’ll gladly pick up. We can be reached at 786.897.4308 by phone as we serve the city of Weston, FL and all surrounding cities. You don’t have to take our word for it, though. Take a look around and see if another workshop can customize your dream cabinets like we can. They may do a half-way decent job, but we don’t think they really would. Get it? Because the stuff at Ikea isn’t really wood.

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