Customizing your Bathroom Vanity Cabinetry

It’s hard to imagine a more intimate place than a home bathroom. You are as you can be once that door is closed. It’s even harder to imagine a piece of furniture that knows you better than your bathroom vanity. The vanity sees you at your best. You know, like on Friday nights after you’ve put on the button up shirt that hides your gut. Or after you’ve perfectly contoured your face and plucked that annoying chin hair that always grows back by the morning.

It’s a double-edged sword, though. The vanity also sees you at your worst. Like on Saturday morning when you’re so ashamed at your Facebook-posted, karaoke rendition of Tom Jones’s “What’s New Pussycat” that you can’t even look yourself in the eye.  Or when you see yourself in the mirror at that awkward, chubby angle coming out of the shower, so you hurriedly wrap the towel around yourself. The beauty of it all, though, is that your bathroom vanity never judges you. Ever. It stays resolute in its service to you and your never-ending quest to love the person in the mirror, always staring back at you. So, don’t you owe it something? Anything?

Hopefully, you answered yes. But what could you possibly get for your bathroom vanity to show how much you sincerely appreciate its unwavering love and support?  Well, HB Imperial Woodwork has the perfect gift… a complete custom makeover! There isn’t a workshop out there that can build a more masterfully crafted bathroom vanity for you. And, with a track record as solid and proven as ours, that’s less of a conceited opinion, and more of a confident, professional statement about the quality work we put out everyday. You don’t have to take our word on that, though. Visit our Facebook page and look at the ratings. Spoiler alert! We average 5 stars.

Think about how much your bathroom vanity would appreciate it! All the toiletries that you have strewn across the counter top could easily be stored in your brand new drawer space. Towels would no longer be haphazardly tossed on the floor because of the new space behind the doors underneath the sink. And with the customizable work we do over at HB Imperial Woodworks, you have innumerable options as to how it should look.

Perhaps you’re leaning towards an older look. We can accommodate for a traditional feel. If you’d like to go in a different direction, our master craftsmen have the know-how and experience to come up with a modern vibe. Or, if you cannot be defined by such a stark duality, give us a call so we can discuss giving your bathroom vanity a look as unique as you are. You can reach HB Imperial Woodwork  by phone at 786.897.4308, or you can come visit our workshop. Our carpenters service the community of Southwest Ranches and all surrounding cities. Either way, do the right thing—your bathroom vanity supports you unconditionally. The least you could do is gift it a brand new, custom facelift from the professionals over at HB Imperial Woodwork.

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