Custom Kitchen Cabinets vs. Ikea Kitchen Cabinets

IKEA may do an okay job on your cabinets, but we don’t think they really would. Get it? Because the stuff at IKEA isn’t really wood.

“Oh, snap, HB Imperial Woodworks. Taking shots at a major, much larger competitor like IKEA is a gutsy move. Are you sure you want to do this?”

We appreciate your concern, but yes. We’re sure we can handle it. David beat Goliath. King Leonidas and his 300 beat Xerxes. The Cubs ended their 108 year old World Series drought. History seems to be on our side, and if it’s not, well… we still have our superior craftsmanship and commitment to customer service to stand on. Speaking of superior craftmanship (or the lack, thereof), I’d like to draw your attention to a quote from IKEA’s website.

“IKEA is a multinational group, headquartered in the Netherlands, that designs and sells ready-to-assemble furniture, kitchen appliances, and home accessories.”

As can be expected from a professional, proven workshop such as HB Imperial Woodworks, we have an eye for subtlety and details. One of those subtleties that sticks out to us from that self-description is the phrase ‘ready-to-assemble.’ When we hear that, we hear ‘ready-to-fall-apart.’ IKEA seems to think that they’ve debased carpentry down to a simple science. However, any experienced woodworker knows that the art of carpentry requires a deft touch and a skillful hand. And, once we factor in the custom work that we do and they don’t… it seems like a bad idea to allow consumers without the proper training and experience to assemble their own furniture.

Now, your friends over at HB Imperial Woodwork don’t want to come off like carpenter elitists… we just want to know where to draw the line. I mean, if you’re assembling your own cabinets, why don’t you cut your own hair while you’re at it? Let me answer that for you… because it makes more sense to allow a professional to do something as critical as cut your hair. Here’s the real kicker, though. You can’t put a hat on ugly cabinets until they grow back. Instead, you’ll see them every time you grab a rocks glass to pour up some whiskey to deal with the misery of having cheap cabinets that you assembled yourself. Not to cut this analogy short, but I think it’s now obvious that purchasing IKEA self-assembled furniture needs to be rethought.

Okay, okay. So, we’ve already explained why IKEA should be your second (or third, or fourth) choice for kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Now, let me tell you why HB Imperial Woodworks ought to be your first choice. Our founder, Hansel, has been a carpenter for over 30 years. After inheriting his father’s carpentry business in Cuba, he moved to Miami, FL. Utilizing the proven techniques that his father taught him, Hansel continues to run a family operated business that is committed to custom carpentry for his surrounding community. Our craftsmanship speaks for itself, but our phone lines are open for our woodworkers to take your custom cabinet requests. You can reach us at 786.897.4308; our workshop services the residences and commercial properties in Kendall, FL and all surrounding cities in Miami, FL. Stop in or give us a call. We can’t wait to get started on the perfect custom cabinets for your home.

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